Playing a Concert

Playing a concert can be great fun! Or it can be totally scary! Sometimes both at the same time.
So we've put together a list of our top tips for great concerts. BIG

Copy out a set-list

A set-list ia a list of all your songs in the order you'll play them.
Make copies for everyone.
Print it BIG! so that you can still read it if it's down by your feet on the floor or if the lighting isnt very good.

Remember your spares

Some instruments have parts that need to be replaced if they wear out or break, For example:

Make a list of the spares you might need and make sure you know where they are in an emergency

Plan where you'll be on the stage

Before you start to set up your instruments, take a few minutes to decide where you're all going to be.

It's much better to think about all this beforeyou start setting up your instruments. it's really annoying if you have to start unplugging things and swapping places once you've begun to set things up!

Know where you're going, know when you're on

If you're playing a concert ...../p>

And when you do aarive, .....

If you hit a wrong note or make a mistake, dont stop playing - just carry on and look as though you meant it!